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What is the Marketing Circus?

It’s a one day micro event, focused exclusively on Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation and Marketing Technology. According to such sites as Chief Martech and CabinetM – there are over 4000 martech companies vying for our attention. 

There just isn’t enough time in the day, or hours in the week to get out there and test these tools – many of which are less than a couple years old.  Yet, there are plenty of hidden gems – Marketing Circus wants to bring these companies to you – let them present and demo, and then be available to answer your questions.


Most events are just too big, you can’t see everything you want to see.  Marketing Circus is different.  We are small (we limit the number of people attending and the number of vendors presenting) and we are focused on martech – and each event is focused on a marketing activity (like Email Marketing or Content Marketing).


Your time is valuable. We know that, which is why we pack the day with “learning” sessions, not just a presentation from a vendor about their tool.  It’s great to see how they solve a problem, but better to understand how to solve the problem in general, and then how their tools helps.


Get face-to-face with martech problem solvers – and that includes the other attendees (not just the vendors or presenters). Getting into discussions, asking questions, hearing answers – that how we get better at our profession. Marketing Circus provides plenty of downtime to relax and chat.

Circus Locations ... Coming Soon

We are in the process of planning our 2016 Q4 and 2017 Calendars.  At the present time, the Marketing Circus could be anywhere, the following cities are on our list for sometime in 2017:

Denver (north and south)
Ft Collins, Colorado
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Phoenix, Arizona
Salt Lake City, Utah

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