The businessbuilder/DEMO campaign is designed to create demo activity for your product. It includes an integrated outbound email marketing campaign, landing page, followup, calendar marketing, along with reporting and analytics.  We focus on what matters, driving qualified prospects and demo activity.

Weekly email sends, cascading follow up

  • Week 1 – Initial Send
  • Week 2 – Follow up email on all non-response (desired action)
  • Week 3 – 2nd Follow up email on all non-response
  • Week 4 – Final email for all non-response

Small test runs messaging, Business Builder, design

Price to Execute: $5,000 + cost of incentive

  • Campaign design, execution and management
  • Email Send with List Management and Reporting
  • Landing Page design, testing, modifications as necessary during campaign
  • Calendar intent tracking: Tentative (not hard accepted), Accepted, Declined
  • Exit Intent email capture
  • Estimated cost of incentive: @ Goal – 150 demos x $25 = $3,750
  • Cost beyond estimated 5,000 will be calculated at $750 per 1,000 email sends, does not include cost of incentive

Campaign Dynamics

  • Estimated email list size: 5,000
  • Personalized email: three variants of message and key value points
  • URL to campaign specific landing page
  • Calendaring function built into landing page: send meeting notice for demo (time, place, etc)
  • Incentive for signup: $25 Amazon gift card
  • Exit intent incentive/provided by client: PDF style report (TBD, example: Buying guide checklist, Analyst report, Cost calculator, etc.)
  • Stage reporting/analysis


  • 1,000 new leads for follow-up
  • 150 to 75 demos (warm leads)
  • up to 20 new prospective buyers (current active buying cycle)

Cost per demo lead: $58 to $116

  • 5,000 email sends minimum
  • 1,000 leads, landing page hits (estimated)
  • 150 to 75 demos executed (estimated)
  • ~300 leads captured with exit intent (not calculated in above)