• Thursday March 16, 2017
  • 10:00am Mountain


Why is Video Conferencing Exploding and what are Zoom Rooms?


Ryan Pinke
CEO, VideoConferenceGear.com

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Picking the perfect camera for your Zoom Rooms

At VideoConferenceGear.com we are fanatics about video conferencing, and the key to creating the best video conferencing experience starts with the camera. There are lots of choices (and price ranges) when it comes to video conferencing, and it get confusion quickly.

That why, we wanted to do this webinar. We'll review some of our top picks and give you the reasons why. Whether you're looking to jump into video conferencing for the first time, upgrading a few rooms, or just a fanatic like we are, we highly suggest joining us as we go through the most important aspects of camera selection.

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