Email List Segmentation – Approach and Exectuion

ell you have to start somewhere.  Email list segmentation is never easy and lets face to, sometimes pretty boring.  Today its part of the “BadAss” marketing stack.  You have to stay disciplined and segment your lists and messages for A,B, C list testing. If your not doing this – your not a disciplined business builder.  I feel your pain!  This is a customer project we put together trying define segmentation and universe sizes.  The next step is to put this baby in action.  We will update you on the progress..

Competive Intelligence Projects – We love these!

ere at Marketing Circus we are working on a competitive intelligence project for a client.  They are always fun and somewhat unpredictable since intelligence runs are only as good as the tools and time you have to apply to the problem or project. We think this is a good target but leaves out the “knowledge” or ability to execute.  We believe that companies have to look at past teams and index the experience of the leadership group and sum up an index.  The index would stack rank their experiences and failures to help predict their leadership moving forward.

Below you will see an “ad hoc” brain storm on the draft of data points.  Data to be collected and indexed for a tabulation on the ability to execute. Its a start. 

The Flywheel Sales Design

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Crafting the FlywheelRecently Arnie and I were asked to work on a Flywheel Project for a Startup.  We built this slide to map out considerations of the team and how the selling process should be organized with the CMO.  Many ways you could do it, but it is becoming more common to follow the Content and “Voices” of the product.  This relies on the early sales team to keep pitching and sampling the message to get the dialogs going.  It gets easier to get the communication flow going with product management, content marketing and inside sales once its mapped out.